Activision acquisition: Microsoft facing final steps

After long disputes between the company and the authority, the deal is to become more concrete. Activision and Microsoft work out long plans about the acquisition. The negotiations will soon come to an end, which is expected by many. Nevertheless, some details still need to be clarified. It will be interesting for gamers to see what will happen to game titles like “Call of Duty”. In any case, we will provide you with clarity!

For a long time there was discussion about the planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard. After two attempts by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), the deal was approved. It would be the largest takeover in the video game industry. After a year and a half, the American tech giant Microsoft can soon close its deal for 69 billion dollars. This would make Microsoft the third largest gaming company in the world – after Tencent and Sony. As is well known, the Activision Blizzard universe includes titles such as “World of Warcraft“, “StarCraft“, “Overwatch“, “Guitar Hero” and of course “Call of Duty“.

Court process and further steps

In June, the FTC had tried to stop the acquisition. There were fears that competition would be impaired. However, contracts had been signed with direct competitors such as Nintendo and Sony (Playstation). Thus, the competition should have the opportunity to offer games of Activision Blizzard for their console.

Microsoft still has to go through the process with the British supervisory authority CMA (Competition and Markets Authority). However, both sides are willing to talk. The CMA wanted to block the takeover because of concerns in the emerging cloud gaming market. Microsoft should be willing to find solutions there as well and has already signed long-term contracts with competitors.

Microsoft (Unternehmen) von Microsoft
The union of Xbox and Activision should become reality (Source: Microsoft)

Activision Blizzard games to remain cross-platform

Even though players of “Call of Duty” were initially afraid that the video game would only be found on the Microsoft platform and would be dropped as a Playstation version. We get the reassuring news: Microsoft sees no reasons to take the video game off the platform for the time being. On July 17, after lengthy negotiations, Microsoft confirmed that they had reached an agreement with Sony. Thus, the “Call of Duty” franchise is to remain cross-console.

One of the benefits of the acquisition will likely be Nintendo with its Switch console. Even before the court proceedings with the FTC had begun, Microsoft agreed with Nintendo on the integration of the Activision brands. There is mention of at least 10 years! Thus, Nintendo fans can finally enjoy games like “Call of Duty” or “Overwatch”.

What will change now?

Playstation gamers will be a bit disappointed with this deal at first. Not many changes are to be expected in the short term. Also because Sony had secured the brand “Call of Duty” for 10 years. Nevertheless, it is possible that individual games could disappear from the Playstation universe. Even though Microsoft had spoken out against this strategy.

Reaction is different for PC and Xbox players. They will certainly be able to benefit from a few exclusive titles from the Activision Blizzard universe in the future. Still, there won’t be many changes, since almost all video game titles are already on these platforms.

The situation with Xbox’s Game Pass will be different with the acquisition, both for PC and console. Previously, Microsoft had announced that they would expand their own subscription service with the deal of the Activision Blizzard universe. Subscribers can therefore look forward to many new games. Not to forget: future Activision Blizzard releases from day one!

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