Best Cloud Storage Providers Worldwide

An increasingly digitizing world also forces a lot of data to be stored somewhere. Instead of using up the hard drive of the computer at home, there is the cloud storage solution. This variant gives the users some advantages. We have our top cloud providers for you!

What exactly is a cloud?

The cloud storage is used so that you, as a user, can store your files from everyday life (e.g. photos, videos or documents). All this without any effort and additional hardware. The advantage of this is that you can access on multiple devices. It should be noted that there is free cloud storage or a paid version. The providers rely on limited capacity in the free variants. However, if you want to use the offer without limitations, you can already switch to a larger capacity for a low price.

Another certainly practical argument is the security of your files. You don’t have to worry about losing important documents or family photos. Everything remains stored on the cloud!

Pay attention to the different types of cloud storage offered by the providers. On the one hand, there is the usual cloud storage, where you can upload your files and sort and access them in a personalized way. On the other hand, there is the cloud backup option, which is designed to protect your files from hacker attacks or data loss. However, both services are there to store their data in the cloud.

The important aspects of the different clouds

The idea is clear. Your files are stored at the servers of the cloud providers. However, depending on the provider, there are different packages but also promises to their service. We have evaluated according to the following criteria:


The most important of these is the encryption of the data on the servers. The goal is that third parties do not have access. Transport encryption is also used on the transport route, for example from the browser to the server.

End-to-end encryption

Even better than regular encryption is end-to-end encryption. With this option, even the cloud provider cannot have access to data. This reduces the probability for hackers immensely. It is imaginable that files are encrypted by the sender on his client. This means that photos, documents, etc. are also permanently encrypted on the cloud server.

Storage capacity

There are significant differences between providers in this area. Some offer a few GB for free before you have to pay for an upgrade.

Server location

If you are very concerned about the security of your data, it will be interesting to know where on the globe the files are stored.

Sharing possibility

The cloud solution can also enable sharing with other users. Also ideal is the collaborative work on the same document.

Our choice of cloud providers

(source: Microsoft)

Microsoft OneDrive: the classic for Windows and Office users

Pro: ideal integration with Microsoft and Windows, free with Office 365, Can share storage on their devices

Con: only 5 GB free memory, no end-to-end encryption

Offers: here!

The storage service is working with Windows 10/11. The 5 GB are quickly used up. OneDrive is also available for macOS, Android and iOS users. The close cooperation with Microsoft’s Office program makes it easy to use.

Private use:

OneDrive Basic OneDrive StandaloneMicrosoft 365 PersonalMicrosoft 365 Family
storage5 GB100 GB1 TB6 TB
number of
111up to 6
cost per

Use for Business:

OneDrive for Business (Plan1)OneDrive for business (Plan 2)Microsoft 365 Business BasicMicrosoft 365 Business Standard
storage1 TB (per user)unlimited1 TB (per user)1 TB (per user)
number of usersunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
cost per
$5 (per user)/$60$10 (per user)/$120$5 (per user)/$60$12.50 (per user/ $150
(source: IDrive)

IDrive: a professional solution

Pro: easy to use, ideal backup solution, with almost any device compatible, end-to-end encryption

Con: slow download speed, no unlimited storage, slow software

Offers: here!

We present IDrive. The cloud provider from California, USA is specialized in cloud backup solutions. The strength is the inexpensive and simple backup options for computers, servers and mobile devices. It is important that security criteria are met.

Use for Private/Business:

storage5 GB5 TB5 TB250 GB
number of
cost per month/yearfree$5.79/$79.50$8.29/$99.50$8.29/$99.50
*The prices vary greatly, as the abo are flexible. The precious offers give the user the possibility to combine the number of devices with different storage spaces.
(source: Google)

Google Drive: probably the best known solution

Pro: user friendliness, collaboration features, 15GB free of storage, good integration in Android, Chromebook and Workspace

Con: no end-to-end encryption, security not optimal

Offers: here!

With Google account (standard nowadays) you already have access to 15GB of free storage. The user interface is very simple and clear. There are useful functions like sharing a folder with links. It can be determined how users are allowed to edit the folder. This feature is available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

Private Use:

storage15 GB100 GB200 GB2 TB
number of
cost per month/yearfree$1.99/$9.99$2.99/$29.99$9.99/$99.99
(source: MEGA)

Mega: Plenty of storage guaranteed

Pro: 20GB free of storage, end-to-end encryption, Collaboration features integrated (e.g. secure chat function, sharing files also with non-MEGA users), easy to use

Con: Free storage reduced in the last years, No real-time collaboration with Office programs

Offers: here!

The New Zealand company MEGA is known for its large free storage space. Special features are also integrated, such as a reward system for additional storage. At the same time, MEGA offers customers a lot of security and user-friendliness. This cloud provider is especially interesting for customers with large files.

Private Use:

freePro LitePro IPro IIPro III
storage20 GB400 GB2 TB8 TB16 TB
number of
cost per month/yearfree$5.07/$4.23$10.15/$8.47$20.32/$16.94$30.48/$25.41

Use for Business:

storage3 TB
number of
minimum 3
cost per month$5.08
*The Business package can be combined as desired. The price changes accordingly
(source: pCloud)

pCloud: ideal cloud service – even for life!

Pro: 10GB free of storage, favorable tariffs for life, end-to-end encryption possible, advanced media sharing and playback features, choice of server location

Con: collaborative work not possible, additional costs for end-to-end encryption

Offers: here!

pCloud was created to provide secure cloud solutions. The Swiss company promises security with Swiss law which is the strictest when it comes to personal data. You can even sign up for a lifetime subscription (one-time payment). There is no limit for the size of the files. Therefore, photos, documents, videos etc. can be restored 30 days back. This is because 5 copies of each file are created and stored on servers (with 256-bit AES encryption). Important to know: When registering, the customer can already decide whether his files will be stored in the EU (Luxembourg) or the USA (Dallas, Texas).

Private Use:

freePremiumPremium PlusFamily 2TBFamily 10TB
storage10 GB500 GB2 TB2 TB10 TB
number of
cost per month/
free$4.99/$49.99/$199$9.99/$99.99/$399$595 (one time payment)$1499 (one time payment)

Use for Business:

Business Business Pro
storage1 TBunlimited
number of
cost per month/year
(per user)
(source: Zoolz)

Zoolz: a simple backup cloud provider with excellent features

Pro: user friendliness, end-to-end encryption, customer service, smart file search

Con: weak mobile apps, no live backup options, confusing price list

Offers: here!

Zoolz is a cloud provider that promises a low-cost, secure and intelligent service. Besides the high quality cloud storage via Amazon Web Service System (including full 256-bit AES encryption), Zoolz aims to help customers search their documents. This should create a good organization of their files, which promotes ease of use. All offers support unlimited users

Private Use:

storage1 TB2 TB5 TB10 TB20 TB50 TB
number of usersunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
cost per


we agree that cloud solutions are the new and easier way to store personal but also business files. It is obvious that different standards of security are set depending on the provider. For example, customers’ files are more secured with IDrive or pCloud than with the big competitors Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. However, Microsoft or Google offer better collaborative services with file editing. the customer has to decide whether he is interested in the security and the safe location of the files or in the simple features for collaborative work.

It is important to note that there are, of course, many more providers in the cloud business. However, we have chosen the best (according to our criteria).

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