New Battle: Apple AirTag Vs Samsung SmartTag

You are one who loses items like your keys or wallet? Then the new trackers (without GPS) might be the right thing for you. We take a closer look at the two hottest products from the two eternal competitors.

Since the launch of AirTag from the California tech company in April 2021, the product has enjoyed great success. It shows that the tracker is popular and is integrated into everyday life. Samsung also developed the SmartTag key tracker at the beginning of 2021. Both are based on the same concept and are intended to help find important items in everyday life if they are lost. But which tracker is more convincing.

Apple AirTag (source: Future)

Apple AirTag

After Samsung presented the new tracker, Apple released a similar product called AirTag. This product convinces with its high-quality, elegant and inconspicuous design.

The tracker is powered by a CR2032 battery, which can be replaced by the user. Apple specifies a runtime of approximately one year. It is certified according to IP67. This means that the AirTag could survive up to 30 minutes in one meter deep water without being damaged.

Let’s get to how the device works:
First of all, it is important to mention that AirTags can only be used with Apple devices. Apple’s trackers connect to nearby iPhones and send an encrypted location description through them. The important thing to understand here is that the iPhone involved in this process cannot capture and store any of the data. Only the user of the iPhone of the owner of the AirTag can access this data transfer. The basis of this concept is that it requires many iPhone users, which should not be too much of a problem in most countries.

In the Find My app from Apple, you can easily find the tagged item with the AirTag. You can play a sound on the tracker with the app. The beep is very distinctive and lasts 5 seconds. Also, the AirTag can be searched in close proximity (15m distance) without sound. The direction and exact distance is displayed on the iPhone.

Finding an AirTag with Find My app (source: Apple)

Samsung SmartTag

The direct competitor to the Airtag is called Samsung SmartTag and should enable tracking for Samsung Galaxy users. The first impression is convincing, even though the design with plastic makes a less high-quality impression compared to the Apple AirTag.

Samsung SmartTag (source: Samsung)

Just like Apple, Samsung’s SmartTag uses a CR2032 battery. This is replaceable and has a runtime of one year. The functionality is similar to Apple’s AirTag. What is different, of course, is simply that Samsung Galaxy devices are used for it. Thus, the app “SmartThings” for tracking the SmartTags is used. Otherwise, it works pretty much the same and the data transfer works on the same principle.

Unfortunately, the first version appeared without ultra-wideband. However, this function was retrofitted in the successor model (SmartTag +). Both models are available!

The Samsung SmartTag has one important feature to offer: When making a double tap on the SmartTag, you have the possibility to find your Galaxy smartphone with the help of beeps.

Tracking via “SmartThings” (source: Samsung)

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